view lic policy status online

LIC Policy Status Online

LIC policy status can be viewed online through a policy number. Once you have your policy number, you can view the policy details, including the loan amount, maturity date and premium due date. You can also find the name of the policy and its tenure on the policy’s homepage. Once you have your policy number, you’re ready to check its status. Click on the link to learn how to view your policy’s details.

To access your policy’s status online, you must be registered with LIC. To register, simply go to the official website of LIC and click on the online services tab. You’ll need to create a username and password to sign in. From here, you can enter your policy number and other details. You can then submit the completed form to the LIC branch nearest you. Once you’ve received the information, you’ll receive an acknowledgement via SMS.

To get the status of your policy, you can use the LIC mobile app or online. There are several ways to check your policy’s status online. The LIC website offers a registered user portal as well as an SMS service. To check the LIC policy status, you’ll need to visit their official website. A phone number is not enough. You should be able to call up the number listed on the LIC website and speak to a live person.