lic policy guideline

If you are considering buying an LIC policy, there are many things that you should know. First, you must know the branch that will service your policy. This is very important because you can use it to make changes to your address, loans, or other needs. Second, you need to know if you are moving to a new location. If so, you need to inform your new LIC branch of this change. You will also need to change your bank account information.

When you sign up for an LIC plan, you need to pay the premiums each month. If you are paying monthly, the premiums are due once a year. If you are not paying your premiums on time, the LIC will hold it for up to seven days. You should also remember to pay your policy premium on time. In addition, you need to pay any outstanding bills. You may want to do this before you leave for work in the morning.

Another thing that you need to know is how to receive your notices. In the mail, you can find your LIC policy number, which is nine digits long. You must be sure to enter the correct date of birth on your policy bond. It’s also important to check the date of birth on your LIC policy. You can call the LIC office and make your payments. In some cases, they may delay mailing premium notices to you. You should also pay your premiums online, but you should make sure that you get an acknowledgement from the LIC.

If you are paying the premiums on your LIC policy by post, you should pay your premiums 30 days in advance. If you are paying by e-check, you can also pay your premiums through the National Payments Corporation of India. In addition, the LIC has partnered with two leading Indian banks. You can make payments at any branch of Corporation Bank or Axis Bank. You must note that you must sign a written acknowledgment of the policy before claiming it.

LIC will send you premium notices via post. You should pay the premium by the due date. If you have an ILIP policy, you should pay the premiums at least 30 days before the due date. In case you don’t have an ILIP plan, you can pay your LIC premiums by using an electronic payment gateway. Lastly, you should know that LIC will not send premiums by post. You can only pay online or in person at your nearest LIC branch.

The LIC provides notices to policyholders through mail. Some LIC branches may delay mailing premium notices if they are busy. Then, you should get your policy bond. You can get your ILIP policy by entering your policy number and date of birth in the top left corner. The ILIC will then send you premium notices via mail. When you pay the premiums through electronic means, the ILICO will pay the premiums of your ULIP plan.