LIC Nivesh Plus Plan 849 is a tax-saving insurance plan. It comes with a 15-day free look period. This means you can decide to keep the policy, or opt to surrender it. It also has a death benefit, which is the same as the sum assured you chose when buying the policy.

To get the Nivesh Plus 849 plan, you can go to the LIC website and click on the ULIP tab. You will be asked for some information including your COVID number, contact details, OTP and captcha code. After that, you will be directed to a page where you can apply online.

Besides paying premiums every month, you also have to pay the mortality charge, which is a percentage of the premium you pay. This charge depends on the value of your policy, the amount you have at risk and the age of your beneficiaries. In addition, there is an accident benefit charge, which is part of the base plan.

As for the investment choices, the Nivesh Plus Plan offers four investment funds that meet varying risk profiles. If you are a low-risk investor, you can opt for the Bond Fund, which invests 60% in government-guaranteed securities and 40% in money market instruments. The remaining 40% of your money is invested in equity.