lic claim forms

LIC Claim Forms are required by most insurance companies for claiming a policy. These forms are used for medi claim and life insurance cases. In case of a medical claim, the form must be filled by the attending physician. The doctor will also have to fill up an Attending Physician’s Statement for Chronic Illness. Once the forms are filled, they should be submitted to the Voya Life. You can fill up the claims online or by using paper claims.

The claimant’s statement must include the name and date of the trust. The current trustee’s name should be written on the form as well as the name and address of the beneficiary. Multiple names are required for the name and address fields. If the policy has multiple trustees, they must sign the form as the co-trustee. However, if the insured has a death, the beneficiary will have to sign the form.

If the deceased person had a collateral assignee, the claimant must complete the Claimant’s Statement. This will avoid disagreements about the amount owed. The Claimant’s Statement will indicate the amount due at the time of death. The beneficiary must also attach a voided check or an officer’s signature to confirm their bank’s information. Alternatively, if the insured had died in the past, they can submit the claim online.